NEWS FLASH – Xtreme Addict unleashes flurry of Top Scores

untitledOver the last 2 days Xtreme Addict has been submitting scores to like a crazy man.  Xtreme Addict an Elite Overclocker from Poland has always been at the top of the game.  Although over the last 2 days he has proven to everyone why he is there.

Xtreme Addict has submitted scores for the following;

Cinebench R15 – 1450cb –  3rd outright Globally for 4 core CPU.

Cinebench R11.5 – 16.04 points – 4th outright Globally 4 core CPU.

3DMark2001SE – 201825 – 2nd in World Record Ranks.

Unigine Heaven(Xtreme preset) – 8246.69 marks – 3rd outright Globally 1 X GPU.

wPrime 32m – 3 secs – 2nd outright Globally 4 core CPU.

wPrime 1024m – 1min 35sec 718ms – 1st outright Globally 4 core CPU.




This has been done with a Intel i7 6700k which has clocked up to 6.75Ghz!!! This CPU really is 1 in a million and anytime he feels like lending it out I’d be more than happy to use it for a couple of weeks.

His ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Ti Matrix Platinum Edition is also on point in the 3D submission clocking in some great core and memory clocks.

Also if you missed it, Xtreme Addict has also done a great guide for setting up one of these GPU’s.  You can read it here.



So a massive congrats, and keep it up mate.  It’s always good to see what you can bring to the table.