Motherboard Prep for going Extreme

So we have seen it all a million times and it is well documented on just about every other website in the world, yet we are to have our own here at  So without further adieu, here is JD’s method for getting ready for LN2 sessions with his motherboards. 

I haven’t been doing LN2 for too long and am still learning every time I have a session.  So after reading through the 1 million different threads on every known website to man I thought it would be time I shared my method for getting a motherboard ready.  Apologies in advance, I don’t own a good camera so all photos have been taken with a potato.

First off I need to thank Gigabyte, Dinos22 and Sofos for giving me an oppurtunity to play with the GIGABYTE Z170X SOC FORCE LN2.  This board is a masterpiece and hopefully given enough time I should get some fairly decent results with it.

Let’s have a look at it.


20160307_124926 20160307_124920

Let’s have a look at materials are required.


I use a Orange Workshop wipes, paper towel, Vaseline, Scissors, Artist brush and a hair dryer.

First step, let’s cover the back of that motherboard in all the goodness of Vaseline.


Be sure to get it everywhere.

Next let’s get our faithful hairdryer(every man’s best friend) and heat the back until it melts and fills the gaps.  It should look nice and shiny once done.



Now let’s put the backplate for the CPU pot on.

20160307_133800 20160307_133824

Now to do the same to the front of the board as the back.  Get that Vas on there.  Heat again with hair dryer. Note – When doing this for the first time I like to take off all the heatsinks so to be sure everywhere is covered.

20160307_133920 20160307_133925 20160307_134110