2016, JunkDogg and Extremebenching – The Year Ahead

Hello Everyone,

From myself and everyone else at Extremebenching, thanks for coming over and having a read.


2016 is in full swing and I thought I would take a moment to let you know what my plans are this year for content on the site.

This year I plan to expand more than just a few reviews and news.  Below is a list of new articles I plan on bringing and their frequency. Their will be a brief explanation on these further down.

  • Overclocking for under $100 – 4 week intervals.
  • More reviews as I get new hardware. – As I can get them.
  • Old School – As I get time, estimated every 4 weeks.
  • Memory Tuning – Trials and Errors. Every 4 weeks.
  • OS, Prep and Other guides. One per month.

So there is the plan I have for myself for the year.  If I fail, it will be due to work or IRL issues arising.  I can apologise for that, yet as this isn’t what pays the bills the others may come first.


Here we go, a brief on the above to give you an idea of what it will be.


Overclocking for under $100.

This little gem I plan to do for those who don’t have access to $1000’s of $$$ as is required to stay with the top of the game.  Every 4 weeks, I will get a piece of Hardware for under $100 and see how it overclocks and benches.  It may be a Motherboard, CPU, GPU or Memory.  I think this should be fun and hopefully make others see benching can be just as fun with some Old School Components as it is with the newer Stuff.



These will hopefully happen every 4 weeks, although $$$ pending it may be a little more in between.  For example iif it were to be a Titan X etc, it will take me more than a month to save the money up.


Old School.

Being a member of ClassicPlatforms.com, it should come as 2nd nature to be pulling out the old gear and giving it a thrashing.  In reality, between playing with some newer components I don’t put the effort in required.  So this section will be to push myself and some older gear to breaking point.  It should be interesting and intriguing.  Hopefully putting some information on the net that is otherwise near on impossible to find.


Memory Tuning.

This is something I really enjoy a lot.  I will be starting with DDR4 and skylake, working my through what is available at the time.  I have already collected a substantial amount of DDR4 and this is what I plan to do while I’m away at work.  Will all be air testing, and hopefully of some help to those starting out.


OS, Prep and other Guides.

Here is where I will share my experiences in setting up OS’ for different benches, Show how I prep my parts and explain any other little tips I can as I learn myself.



In the end I know myself this is ambitious, but I really want to get this info out to you guys who come here.  I want there to be new things for you to read and information to keep you coming back.


Anyway, thanks for reading and let’s all have a fun 2016.